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Enjoy Exclusive Discounts on Traditional Emirati Dishes Every Monday with #MachboosMondays

A reflection of the UAE’s trading heritage, Emirati food is infused with spices and ingredients from throughout Asia and the Middle East. Think cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, nuts, limes and dried fruit.

Emirati dishes are flavourful and aromatic, with some of the most popular dishes including Harees, showcasing meat and wheat slow-cooked in a clay oven or pot and served with ghee (clarified butter), and Machboos, made by boiling meat in spiced water with dried limes.

Being a coastal city, fish is the star of many local dishes, with Madrooba, a mix of salted fish, spices and thick sauce, being one of the most popular. Rice is ever-present and most often served with saffron, nuts and spices.Mark your calendars, prepare for a great meal and enjoy exclusive discounts on traditional Emirati dishes across Abu Dhabi every Monday with #MachboosMondays. Offers and discounts from 10 to 20% can be redeemed directly at the below participating venues. 

For more information visit: https://visitabudhabi.ae/en/campaign/emirati-cuisine . 




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